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Popcast #587

Dear friends, 
Last week I found a Chinese bus ticket inside a paper toilet seat cover dispenser in the bathrooms at work. What? You know, those tissue-paper seat covers that you pull out of a wall-mounted dispenser? Well, when I pulled one out, a three-inch long green paper ticket (with Chinese characters, the number 2.00 and "No 053" typed on it) fell out. I picked it up, looked at it and started wondering a great many existential things in that toilet stall. At first, I thought it was an inspection receipt for the paper toilet seat covers. Of course immediately thereafter I thought it might be a Chinese lottery ticket or the coordinates to a magical world of unicorns and buried treasure. Luckily I have a co-worker with connections to the Chinese community who said she'd email a friend and see if she knew what it was. So I scanned it and we sent it off. A few hours later the results were in; it was a bus ticket. I still don't know what all the characters say but nonetheless, somehow a Chinese bus ticket and I met, halfway around the world in a public bathroom stall. For someone like me, that's gotta mean something. The consensus from friends is that it's a very good omen. That travel and haircuts are in my future (haircut: check. Travel: coming up). 
With the way my mind is rigged, I can't help but wonder that maybe this ticket was meant for me, that somehow in the grand cosmic tapestry of time and space I once held this ticket in my hand. Maybe? In the meantime, the following Popcast really has nothing to do with Chinese bus tickets (or toilet seat covers, for that matter) but at least its got a nice ring to it. 

"And so it seems that we have met before, and laughed before, and loved before, but who knows where or when..?"


1. Evalyn, Summer Has Arrived: Kishi Bashi (feat. Kevin Barnes)
2. Summer Storm: Fox + Sui
3. How Dare You: Thao & Mirah
4. Touch (Part 1): Seccession
5. The Samurai In Autumn: Pet Shop Boys
6. Let Me Be Him: Hot Chip
7. Adventures In Your Own Backyard: Patrick Watson
8. Elegy: Tycho
9. Time Away: Arthur Russell
10. Pyromaniac: The Verlaines
11. Swinging Party: The Replacements
12. Where or When: Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman



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6 Responses to Popcast #587

  1. sbot says:

    surprise find = 造化!
    hooray for travel and haircuts and popcasts!

  2. Dr. Marnie says:

    愉快的時間 sbot!

  3. Sbot says:

    Ps… I am really digging on the new site design. Clearly a lot of thought and effort put into it–it really works!

  4. Dr. Marnie says:

    Why thanks Sir Sbot, you’re too kind! Glad you’re enjoying the new and improved P&C user experience! (now If i can only get the flash player to center on the page, argh.)

  5. lil bruder says:

    “A person needs a little madness, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.”
    Maybe in this case, “A person needs a little Chinese bus ticket, or else they never dare cut the rope and be free.”
    Thank you for one of the best popcasts ever. It’s doing me some real good.

  6. Dr marnie says:

    Yes! A person DOES need a little Chinese bus ticket, you’re right! :) glad you’re enjoying it, friend. And thanks for hipping me on to Seccesion, 80s historian. So good!

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