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Popcast #588

Dear friends, 
So much has happened since the last popcast; I got a root canal, I think there's a possum living in my bathroom wall, I bought tickets to visit Chicago and NYC, I dj'ed my first wedding and I played host for a pop singer from New Zealand, his lovely girlfriend and supercool friend from Seattle. The common theme of all these experiences is trying to insert myself into unknown situations and just wait for the magic to happen. And it does. Even with root canals! Now I can eat normally. Magic! (As for the possum, I think that one's a wash…) One of my favorite new realizations is that there are tons of cool kids out there. The small town you're from (or big city, for that matter) doesn't have to be all there is. You forget that after a while you can really over-experience the people and places around you. You forget that your world is a million times bigger than the confines of the county you live in. And when you meet awesome people from far corners of the world, it reminds you that this world is yours for the taking; its YOUR WORLD. Like your bed is YOUR BED. YOUR WORLD can be just as cozy. Promote cultural exchange! Have some laughs! See where meeting new people takes you; most likely to some pretty cool places. Or flip that sentiment upside and see where new places take you; most likely to some pretty cool people.

If that's not far out enough for you then maybe this new popcast will be. Its full of great new releases I hope you enjoy. There's a new Cat Power track (love, love, love). A super lovely brand new remix of dear friends Park Avenue Music (local artists, HOLLAH). The Helio Sequence is back with an really beautiful haunty gem. The Ocean Floor is new to me thanks to Mike of Electricity and Lust records from Seattle who was super awesome and gave me a limited edition colored vinyl LP with hand made paper inserts that is like crack for an art nerd like me. And last but not least, a perfectly crafted pop tune from down under courtesy of one of those very Kiwi kids, Tono all the way from New Zealand! (<— He's currently heading up to Seattle with possible stops in Portland and Olympia and then off to New York. Keep your eyes open for him!) And don't forget: your world is the bed of life. Now go change those sheets and crawl inside. (that actually makes no sense but you get the picture.)


1. Dance My Pain Away: Wye Oak
2. Drifting In And Out: Porcelain Raft
3. Manhattan: Cat Power
4. Cutter (aus remix): Park Avenue Music
5. Harvester of Souls: The Helio Sequence
6. Lights Changing Colour: Stars
7. What Kind?: The Ocean Floor
8. The Outdoor Type: The Lemonheads
9. Do You Realize: The Flaming Lips
10. The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala: The Arctic Monkeys
11. Marion Bates Realty: Tono and the Finance Company



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9 Responses to Popcast #588

  1. Dr. Marnie says:

    Also, don’t mind that the banner says Popcast #589. I think my assistant Sven was drinking on the job again. I’ll have that fixed later this evening!

  2. tomatohead says:

    You are one busy time/space traveler dear Dr. Marnie!

  3. sbot says:

    Dr. Marnie,

    A new popcast. Excellent timing! Nothing like fresh beats to bop through a weeks worth of queue’d email!

    As an aside, have you considered an “Ask the Doctor…” section to pop & circumstance? A place where the afflicted might write in to, er, ask the doctor, about the recommended pop Rx for a specific affliction?


  4. Dr. Marnie says:

    Dear Tomatohead,

    Its definitely not easy being me. Just the other day I noticed I only had 3 tins of beluga caviar and one bottle champagne in my laboratory. Can you believe that? Thankfully Sven and Jens remedied the situation for me. Phew.

  5. Dr. Marnie says:

    Dear Sbot,

    Yes! I have thought of this and somehow forgot the plans on the rooftop helipad; silly me. I am very glad you’ve reminded me of this project. I’ll be introducing this new feature soon and perhaps might have some kind of pop panacea for whatever might ail you!

  6. lil bruder says:

    dr. Marnie, what is the antidote for this groovy popcast. everything seems to be so fine and relaxing and I’m at work – this is definitely not right.

  7. sugahblade says:

    dear miss dockta marnie – i love this playlist!

  8. Dr. Marnie says:

    Dear Lil Bruder,

    This is the unfortunate side effect of nice music. Shit sammich, right?

  9. Dr. Marnie says:

    Dear Sugahblade,

    I am so so happy to hear it! And Buenos Dias senorita! 😉

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