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Popcast #591


Ladies and gents, 

It's high, high time I've brought you a Popcast. My musical absence has been absolutely inexcusable! Though I must be honest, it isn't easy cavorting around ol' London town, drinking Pimms in private double-decker partybuses, meeting the queen, hanging out with Colin Firth and Tom Hardy all day long. So I've put myself to work to bring you a bit of my London life in song. Though sunny days have been rare, there have been a few sightings! Those bits of brightness have clearly inspired the majority of songs in this Popcast, though there are a good couple of moody tunes of the drizzly-day kind. I threw in the OMD track because earlier today I came upon a 1980 7" of Enola Gay at the charity shop (Britspeak for thriftstore) for only 50p! I finish up the Popcast with a favorite new "old-discovery" by Mott The Hoople (as spotted on a late-night rerun of Top of The Pops) that will hopefully bring out your inner feathered-hair rockstar. (I highly recommend putting your headphones on and turning it up to 11 for those yummy introductory power chords.)

Here's to more frequent Popcasts!

PS: Dear California – send sun to London. Kthanksbye.



^ my thriftscore today!


1. Pyjamarama: Roxy Music
2. England Swings: Roger Miller
3. Winchester Cathedral: New Vaudeville Band
4. Vuli Ndlela: Brenda Fassie
5. The Fall: Rhye
6. Bear Cubs: Museum of Bellas Artes
7. Cross My Heart: Everything But The Girl
8. Cherry-Coloured Funk: Cocteau Twins
9. Enola Gay: OMD
10. Amongster: Poliça
11. The Big Ship: Brian Eno
12. One of the Boys: Mott The Hoople


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11 Responses to Popcast #591

  1. sugah says:


    does anybody care that's i'm so rad except dr. marnie?

  2. sugah says:

    p.s. much needed popcast today.

  3. Dr. Marnie says:

    DAYAMN. Miss Sugah, you're too fast for anyone to even NOTICE!! Congrats! You'll find this popcast very conducive for jewelry making. Cheers!

  4. sugah says:

    tank you MAH sista!

  5. Dr. Marnie says:

    But of course my SugahSistah! <3

  6. lil bruder says:

    Yup. PRETTTY AWESOME lieutenant Marnie! Now get in that Mini Cooper and get back here, WE MISS YOU A BIG BIG BUNCH!

  7. Dr. Marnie says:

    Lil bruder, you make me miss California! I'm coming in a couple months, BBQ IN JUNE!!

  8. JTA says:

    I'd like to thank you for not using the over clique ridden "London Calling" by the Clash.

    It's a great song, but terrible clique'd due to over use.

  9. mchl says:

    Found this on the webz, thought of you instantly!

  10. mchl says:

    Damn, images don't work… THIS GIF!

  11. Dr. Marnie says:

    OMG, that is AMAZING!! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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