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Marnie’s Back on the Radio!

(And in Marnie's fantasy world, it looks an awful lot like WKRP In Cincinatti.)


Hello my fellow popsters!

I'm back on terrestrial radio and I gotta say, it feels really great to be back spinning records and talking through a fancy microphone! If you're in the Davis/Sacramento area, you can tune your dial to 90.3 fm OR you can stream live from the KDVS website (or through their nifty iPhone/Android app). 

I'm on ever Wednesday from 6 am to 8 am, which is really good news if a) you wake up around that time and want a great way to start your day or b) live in Europe and want to listen to some tunes while you have an afternoon tea and Jaffa Cake break or c) are transporting goods across America in your semi-truck and are tired of listening to Convoy all the time. Also there's a secret fourth option known as "D": you don't have to stream or listen live at all. You can listen to the show after the fact by visiting the P&C blog or the KDVS archives. How fun is all that? So fun!

Any suggs, comments, requests can be left in the comments section for each week's entry here on this blog. So sit back, drink your Ovaltine and enjoy the next radiophonical installment of Pop! & Circumstance – the radio show that became a Popcast and then became a radio show again. Hey ho, let's go!

A funny note: so for all the time I've been doing online Popcasts here, I've gone by the moniker, Dr. Marnie. You may or may not know that when P&C was born on the radio back in 2000, my DJ name was Miss Marnie Hotpants (and why? Well, it's a bit of a long story that involves a Reverend Alvin but I'll save that for another time!). Anyways, the name stuck and I went with it for all the years my show was on the air. When I started P&C.com, I wanted a fresh nom de plume to accompany my new virtual digs so I went with Dr. Marnie. But when I went back on the air earlier this month, I wasn't sure which name to use! After consulting with my Swiss team of Alpine Etymologists, I decided to go with MMHP for purely nostalgic reasons. Plus, it's hard to believe but 2000 is now 13 years ago and I'm proud to be the owner of a self-made secrety identity of that vintage. So don't be confused when you see some posts signed "Dr. Marnie" and others "Miss Marnie Hotpants" while you're on this site. One lives in a top secret music laboratory on top of the Matterhorn accesible only by gyrocopter, and the other lives underground in a tiny basement studio that broadcasts at 9200 watts. Believe or not, we're one and the same. smiley 



8 Responses to Marnie’s Back on the Radio!

  1. Paolo says:

    I gotta say I got crushed hard with love and renewed my faith in a benevolent god when I turned on my radio this morning after years of longing for another show as good as Pop! & Circumstance to fill the KDVS airwaves. Steer clear of my Honda Civic on Wednesday mornings cuz I’m going to be singing and smiling and in all likelihood paying very little attention to anyone who gets in my way as I blaze down the highway on my way to work.  I probably won’t even need to buy the fancy expensive coffee beans anymore to get myself excited about facing another hump day. Bless you Miss Marnie and your hot pants too!

  2. Dr. Marnie Hotpants says:


    This is the best feedback a Pop-ologist such as myself can get. Thank you for your kind words! I can tell you that P&C at 6 in the morning is far more effective than a $5 latte. It also has been known to reverse aging and infuse you with special dancefloor powers, but more on that another day. I appreciate your warning to fellow drivers. Though I don't explicitly condone erratic driving, I can't help but smile at the thought of tiny honda civic driving backwards down the causeway to the sound of tambourines and hanclaps. Whooo!

    Dr. Marnie and her hotpants

  3. paul says:

    Many years ago I supported my first KDVS Fundraiser and as a gift received a MIss Marnie Hotpants Tee Shirt. It had Pop and Circumstance written beneath a rendering of a young dark haired woman and a large caption next to it reading, I love Hot Pants on KDVS. I've never worn the tee shirt. It's simply to special. I keep it in the second drawer of my dresser and take it out on days when I'm in particularly bad need of a smile. Back in 2000/2001 you accompanied me to work on (was it) Friday mornings? I've not ever been a great fan of my job so your show really meant a lot to me. I thought I was hearing things when your voice came on the radio the other morning. I get KDVS reception only intermittently so I had to drive clear of that dead zone near Slouhhouse on Jackson Road to gain some clarity and to be certain I hadn't succumbed to my own wishful thinking. Sure enough, it was you in all your glory. So thanks for coming back. You always put a smile on my face. LOVE your show!!!! 

    ~She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina

  4. Dr. Marnie says:

    Sir Paul!

    It is the best thing to receive messages like this. Thank you kindly! I am so amazed you still have that shirt! I never made myself any of those shirts and was super bummed about it. I suppose I could make one now but then it wouldnt feel like it was 10 years old. -Or have the magic. Those shirts literally will make you dance the Watusi and Mashed Potato like a champ.

    You know what else? Even though I work up in the Swiss Alps in my secret mountain pop-lair, I do have to go into the office every now and then to collect a paycheck in order to fund my grandiose lifestyle. And that office life does not inspire me at all either. I have always unspokenly dedicated my popcasts and radio broadcasts to people like you and me, who were meant to be searching for sunken treasure in tiny yellow submarines but instead, have to sit behind a computer and answer phones all day.

    So don't stop fighting the good fight, Paul. Keep your toes tapping and as long as I'm on the radio, (for just two more Wednesdays, then I'll be off..!) enjoy the groovy transmissions that will hopefully put a pep in your step for the rest of the day.

    And again, thank you so much for your message. It was such a great feeling to read this! Now go put that shirt on and do the Frug like a madman!


    (ps: She's Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina, only like, one of my favorite songs of all times…) :)

  5. Steve says:

    Hey Marnie, I've been a big fan of yours since I stumbled on your show back in the early 2000's.  I have coppies of all your shows and raised my kids on your music, too!  It always freaked out my son's high school friends when they asked him where did he get all the cool music from, and he would reply ,"My dad."

    Anyways, I lost one of your episodes (dang CD's) that had a song on it that my youngest son really liked, but I don't know the title or artist's name.  Anyways the theme of a song was, "When I was (insert age here), etc,…" It when up to 106 years.  I think the title was "When I was 106."  Talked about his dog and fish. If I remember right, the artist ran in the same circles as the Moldy Peaches. Any help would be appreciated.

    Keep up the good work. 




  6. Dr. Marnie says:

    Hello Steve!

    Thank you so much for being such a fan of P&C and holy moly – raising your kids on the sweet pop sounds of my show..! Wow, what an honor! 😀 I love it! 

    As a Pop-ologist, I can usually pinpoint the origins of a song based on a random lyric or theme but MAN, this one is really driving me nuts! Do you have anything else to give me, by chance..? Can you remember when I played it? Any other lyrics or themes? The dog and fish are kiiiiiiinda helping but I need more… ugh! What else ya got.??

    Thanks again for listening!!

    -Dr. Marnie

  7. Steve says:

    I remember it was a long rambling song with about 20 verses.  Each verse started like "When I was 3," then a little story. Next verse was like "When I was 10"   You played it around 2004.

    I think there were stories of him getting married, then his wife dying. I think he would just hang out on the street during some of his years.    I think it talked about outling various pets (dogs, 

    It was just him on guitar with no accompaniment.

    It was a fun and silly song, but sad too. 

    I'll try to remember more when I can.


  8. Steve says:

    I finally figured it out! Back When I was 4 by Jeffrey Lewis.   I done web searchs numerous times in the past, but this time I found it.  Bring back any memories?


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